As you get older, there are new issues that you will face for the first time. You might be wondering what to do next, and that is where an elder law lawyer can help you. What are a few of the ways that an elder law attorney can represent you and your interests?

1. Establish a Last Will and Testament

What do you want to be done with your assets when you pass away? An elder law lawyer can help you design a last will and testament to ensure your heirs receive their inheritance properly.

2. Prepare for Disability

There are situations where elderly individuals may not be able to make decisions for themselves anymore. An elder law lawyer can help you make sure that you have the proper powers of attorney in place if that happens.

3. Establish Your Estate Plan

Of course, an elder law attorney can also help you set up an estate plan. You need to make sure that your estate plan is comprehensive and valid, and an elder law attorney can help you with that.

4. Deal With Cases of Elder Abuse

If you have to enter a nursing home, you expect the nursing home to take care of you. Sadly, there are situations where elder abuse can take place in nursing homes, and you need an elder lawyer to protect your rights and preserve your interests.

5. Make Changes To Your Last Will

There might be situations where you need to make changes to your last will, and an estate planning lawyer can make those changes for you. 

6. Navigate a Blended Family

If you have a complicated family situation, how you handle inheritance issues can make a big difference in keeping the family peace after you are gone. An elder law attorney can help you navigate and avoid these issues before they arise.

7. Avoid Estate Litigation

An estate planning attorney can also help you make sure that your family avoids estate litigation and arguments down the road by ensuring that all possible issues are addressed ahead of time.

8. Provide an Objective Source of Advice

As you get older, you may need someone who can provide an objective source of advice. At Yorkway Law Group, we provide you with an estate, Medicare, and Medicaid planning lawyer in Bucks County, PA who can help you anticipate and address issues related to aging.

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