Guardianships can be crucial to protecting the needs of vulnerable elderly or disabled adults. Understanding the differences in the two types of guardianships makes it easier for you to make plans in the event of a loved one’s incapacitation. Pennsylvania recognizes two types of guardianship that address different needs.

Guardian of the Person:

A guardian of the person makes decisions regarding your medical care, housing needs, education and training, and issues that relate to your security. The onset of a serious health condition might be one reason for guardianships in Bucks County, PA that relate to the care of the person. People living with disabilities that make medical, housing, and similar decisions difficult, may also benefit from the appointment of a guardian of the person.

Guardian of the Estate:

A guardian of the estate is the other type of guardianship in Bucks County, PA that you may need.  A guardian of the estate is responsible for managing your personal finances, paying bills, and providing protection from financial exploitation. Such a guardianship is common when, for example, you have difficulty managing bills.

Can the Same Person Act as Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the Estate?

Yes.  The same person can serve as both a guardian of the person and a guardian of the estate in Bucks County.  One example of such a guardianship is when one is sought because of a loved one moving into a nursing home. The ability to serve in both capacities provides a better means of protection.

The Benefits of Guardianship:

Guardianships help provide legal protection for the elderly and people with disabilities who lack a power of attorney. Guardianships help to ensure that people in these circumstances have someone to make crucial decisions in their best interest.

Why Using a Lawyer is Important:

Using Yorkway Law for guardianships in Bucks County, PA is an ideal way to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. When a situation that involves a need for guardianship arises, the guidance of Yorkway Law ensures that you are making the right choices for your loved one. Yorkway Law can help you decide which type of guardianship is best, or if you should seek both kinds. If you have questions about guardianships in Bucks County, PA contact Yorkway Law for experienced advice on protecting your loved ones a