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As you get older, it is important to start thinking about the future. By doing some work now, you can make things much easier for your loved ones after you pass away or if you become incapacitated. Getting your estate in order requires you to grapple with several complex legal issues, so speaking to an attorney will help you communicate all your wishes and decisions in a legally binding fashion. Don’t wait to get your affairs sorted out; speak with an attorney at Yorkway Law Group today. We have already helped many families in the Cheltenham, PA area and we can help you too.

Here are some of the legal options you may want to consider:

Wills Lawyer in Cheltenham, PA

If you pass away without writing a will, the courts will decide who takes possession of your assets. Wouldn’t you rather make that decision for yourself? Writing your will now gives you the agency to control the disposition of your assets after you are gone and can also express your wishes about other topics. A will is an essential estate planning document, so don’t put off writing it. Speak to an attorney today or click here to learn more about wills.
Power of attorney in Cheltenham, PA

Living Wills

Modern medical technology has made it possible to extend the life of someone who is sick or injured, but in many cases, their quality of life is significantly impacted. If the idea of being put on life support or receiving other life-extending treatments does not appeal to you, a living will express your wishes in a legal document. With your living will in place, medical professionals will know exactly which treatments they can administer, even if you are unable to express those wishes on your own. Read more about living wills here.

Why is a Power of Attorney Important?

When a person becomes unable to take care of themselves, either through physical or mental incapacitation, the courts can appoint someone to be their guardian and make decisions on their behalf. Wouldn’t you rather decide who will be your guardian? By appointing someone to hold your durable power of attorney, you can do exactly that. You can grant a power of attorney in Cheltenham, PA now, while you are physically and mentally able to do so, preventing the courts from deciding who will be your guardian. The time to act is now, so get in touch with us to find out more about how to designate a power of attorney in Cheltenham, PA, or read more about powers of attorney here.

Benefits of Starting a Trust

A trust can be used for many different purposes, from protecting the assets of a beneficiary to providing tax relief for your heirs. The attorneys at Yorkway Law Group can advise you about trusts and help you set them up. Click here to learn more about the different types of trusts and which ones will work best to meet your needs.

Medicaid (Asset Protection) Planning in Cheltenham, PA

Estate attorney in Elkins Park, PA
Because Medicaid and private insurance plans usually provide only limited coverage for nursing home stays, many people without long-term care insurance rely on Medicaid to cover these costs. Unfortunately, qualifying for Medicaid requires a person to give up a large portion of their assets and income. Applying for Medicaid is a complex process, but by speaking with an elder law attorney, you may be able to find ways to protect your assets and develop a strategy to spend them down to qualify. For more information about Medicaid planning, visit the link here.

How to Obtain Guardianship?

A power of attorney can also come into play about guardianships. When a person becomes physically or mentally incapable of making decisions on their own, the courts can appoint a person to make those decisions on their behalf. By designating the person who will hold your power of attorney, you can make that decision while you are still capable of doing so. If you want to plan for the future or you have a loved one who is no longer able to manage their affairs, you will want to speak with an attorney about the guardianship process as soon as possible. Click the link here to find out more about guardianship and the responsibilities that come with it.

Probate and Estate Administration in Cheltenham, PA

When someone passes away and leaves a will, the probate process will determine the validity of that will. An estate can sometimes get tied up in probate for long periods, so speaking to an attorney can help streamline the process and give you crucial insights. You may also be designated in a will to administer the estate of a deceased person. You will have many important legal responsibilities, so speaking to an attorney will ensure you are doing everything you need to. Learn more about probate and estate administration here.

Estate Planning in Cheltenham, PA

As you can see, the advice of an estate attorney can be invaluable, whether you are planning for your future in Elkins Park or you are dealing with someone else’s estate. Yorkway Law Group has an experienced estate attorney who can help you, so get in touch with us for advice in Elkins Park or any nearby community.

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