A funeral casket with flowers on top

No one likes to imagine their own death, let alone their own funeral

But planning for this inevitability can make things much easy for your loved ones during an already stressful time, while ensuring your wishes are carried out.

Here are five things you can do to prepare for your funeral:

1. Pick someone to be in charge

The first thing to do is to choose someone to make arrangements for you. If you don’t name this person, the role usually follows to the spouse or children.

2. Put it in writing

Write down your wishes:

This document can also list who should be invited, who should speak, what music you want played, your pallbearers and what you want to wear.

You can include this document with your healthcare directives, but don’t make it part of your will, as this won’t be open until after the funeral.

3. Look for a funeral home

Funeral home prices can vary, so shop around before deciding who you want. Federal law requires funeral providers to give customers a general price list detailing the cost of goods and services.

4. Talk to your family

Have a conversation with your family about the wishes you’ve written down and let them know where they can find that document.

5. How will you pay for it?

Funerals tend to be expensive, so think about how you’ll pay for the one you’d like to have. You can pre-pay with your funeral home, or set up a funeral account with your bank.

Again, these won’t be pleasant conversations, but this planning will go a long way to giving your peace of mind and helping your family through an already difficult time.

And if you’re not sure what steps to take when planning your estate, turn to Gummer Elder Law. Our attorneys can advise you on how to make sure your family is protected after you’re gone.