Legal Basics: What Is a Power of Attorney?

Legal Basics What Is a Power of Attorney

As you get older, you need to make sure that your affairs are in order, and you may have heard that you need to get a power of attorney. Before deciding who you want to be your power of attorney, you need to understand what a power of attorney is and what they can do. […]

Dealing with Sibling Disputes Over Powers of Attorney

Dealing with Sibling Disputes Over Powers of Attorney

When planning your estate, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is a power of attorney. Bucks County, PA residents can use these documents to appoint another person – referred to here as their “agent” to act on their behalf if they become disabled or incapacitated. Powers of attorney come in two varieties: […]

Take These Three Steps When Your Child Turns 18

If your child has reached the teenage years, you may already feel as though you are losing control of her life. This is legally true once your child reaches the age of 18 because then the state considers your child to be an adult with the legal right to govern his or her own life. Up […]

What You Need To Know If You Are An Agent Under A Power of Attorney

If someone has named you as an agent under a durable power of attorney, you will be allowed to handle that person’s finances. (The person who signs the power of attorney is known as the “principal”; you’ll be known as the agent or “attorney-in-fact.”) Here are answers to some questions you might have:

Power of Attorney VS Guardianship

What’s the difference between guardianship and power of attorney? Most of us do not want to look into the future and find that we are unable to care for ourselves, or manage our day-to-day affairs. However, planning for this possibility is a necessity you should seriously consider. Preparation of a Power of Attorney is key […]

Pennsylvania’s New Power of Attorney Law

On July 2, 2014, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law Act 95 of 2014 which makes substantial changes to Pennsylvania’s power of attorney law. A power of attorney (POA) is a document which gives you the authority to appoint an agent to make both financial and health care decisions on your behalf if you […]