Aging in Place

For those of us who are still relatively young and in good health, it can be difficult to understand how frightening it can be to grow older, and experience the feelings of helplessness as various parts of your once-strong body begin to betray you.

If you have a senior in your life who is beginning to experience some of the negative physical or mental affects of growing older—or if you happen to be a senior yourself—you may be thinking about the various benefits and drawbacks of moving into a senior living facility, or simply aging in place in your own home.

Most Seniors Hope to Age in Place

Perhaps not surprisingly, the vast majority of seniors show a strong preference for remaining in their own homes for as long as possible. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by the AARP, 71% of people aged 50 to 64 want to age in place. Among adults aged 65 or older, that number is even higher: 87% of that group say they want to stay in their own home, and among their own community, as they age.

And yet no matter which option you or the senior in your life eventually choose, having the assistance of an elder law attorney can absolutely make all the difference. At Gummer Elder Law, for instance, we focus exclusively on helping seniors and their families plan for their future. And whether you—or the senior in your life—decides to age in place at home, or to move to an assisted living facility,  advanced planning  needs  to take place.

How an Elder Care Lawyer Can Help With One of Life’s Toughest Decisions

There’s no getting around the fact that choosing to age in place is a decision that, in most cases, will require a fairly healthy financial situation. A senior choosing to grow old in his or her home, for instance, will probably need to undertake a number of home modifications, such as the installation of grab bars and railing, a walk-in shower, and perhaps an intercom system. Making the home wheelchair-friendly may be another concern. Lowering countertops and widening doorways to fit wheelchairs can, of course, be prohibitively expensive.

There are various services in place, however, that an experienced elder law attorney can help you or your loved one successfully access. Elder law attorneys can help senior veterans navigate the often confusing landscape of VA benefits, which may include adult daycare or even medical foster care for seniors. Home modifications, in some instances, can be paid for by the VA.

If you’re fortunate and wise enough to be considering your post-retirement living options while you’re still of working age, our elder law attorneys can guide you toward the best and most realistic ways to save for retirement now. If you’re a homeowner who already knows, for instance, that you want to grow old in your own home, we can help you figure out now exactly what modifications your home will eventually need, and what those upgrades will cost when it comes time to begin the work.

Our elder law attorneys can also help you or the elder loved one in your life navigate the complexities of Medicaid, which may offer certain benefits that can make it easier and more realistic for a senior with limited mobility to stay in his or her home. If there are other governmental or nonprofit assistance programs in your area offering similar programs or benefits, we’ll help you navigate their complexities, too.

The Benefits of Assisted Living

Although most seniors seem to prefer the option of staying in their own homes as they age, assisted living or personal care facilities can certainly be the better choice for some. Residents of an assisted living facility will experience much more independence than they would at a traditional nursing home, and yet they’ll still have all the assistance they need with the many small, day-to-day tasks that aren’t as simple as they once were.

Of course, paying for an assisted living facility presents its own set of challenges—financial challenges, naturally—and our elder law attorneys are prepared to help you meet those challenges head-on. Perhaps you need help preparing a retirement nest egg, so that the costs of a post-retirement facility won’t fall on the shoulders of your children or otherwise be entirely out of reach.

Our Elder Law Attorneys Are Prepared to Put Your Worries to Rest

No matter what your situation looks like at the moment, the attorneys of Yorkway Law can help you settle on a future plan with realistic goals, and they can help to make sure you’re in the best possible financial situation to achieve the future you want for yourself or a senior loved one. Contact us today or simply request an appointment through our website. You’ll have a very important aspect of your future mapped out before you know it.